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Artist: Swedish House Mafia
Song: One (Feat. Pharrell)
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House of Miami Vol.2 is f-in bonkers

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Zoom Mary Immaculate Church. Tita & Tito’s 25th Anniversary.

Mary Immaculate Church. Tita & Tito’s 25th Anniversary.

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Beats by Dr.Dre (My Review)

"People are going to hear what the artists hear, and listen to music the way that they should: the way I do" - Dr. Dre

So after some hours of constant shuffling with my iPhone, I officially LOVE headphones (ahem, excuse me…earbuds). Thank God because the money spent on these babies almost seem like a really expensive marketing scheme, SO NOT the case, not to mention the aesthetics of the packaging is quite slick (First Impression: Check!) . My content of choice ranges from hip hop, b-more to house…and most of us know how much Bass can f*ck up a regular pair of earbuds, but with the Beats, I’m hearing all the Highs and Lows in the bass that everyone should have been feeling from the beginning. I was even more impressed when I noticed that the volume was barely halfway while all the noise pollution around me was bombarding, and yet, I can still hear excellent bass and nothing from the outside (Noise Cancelling: Check!). Now in the box I also found the two sets of “Airlock” buds (of two different sizes)…I gotta say quite scary to have those things in your ears, not something necessary in everyday use, perhaps on a plane though, but still very comfortable (In-Ear Comfort: Check!). Now most of us has seen the actual Beats Headphones, and again most of us know that that particular version requires 2 AA batteries…well, another advantage in itself..the earbuds deliver just as good sound quality anyhow (No Batteries Required: Check!). Of course that last comment is the go getter for some deciding between Beats Headphones or the earbuds. Lastly, because I have an iPhone the ControlTalk is a nice feature, and after having a few conversations and callbacks I receive clear reception and I don’t hear of that shuffling or clicking of the controls on the headset (because on iPhone headsets its quite loud, and annoying). Other than that it doesn’t pick up all the noise around you, the person on the other end of the call will be satisfied as well. (ControlTalk: Check!)

The only con I would have to bring to light is that the cord seems quite lengthy with no clip to keep the cord from swaying while walking…oh well. I’ll get over it.

Now over all, I feel that I have fallen in love with my music all over again…so much that now I have all (roughly) 1100 songs on shuffle, confident that no matter what plays I will enjoy it purely for the music itself. GOOD ON YA DRE AND THE GOOD PEOPLE AT MONSTER!

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Zoom Here comes the boom!

Feedback to follow

Here comes the boom!

Feedback to follow

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Zoom T9 texting fail…thanks Miigwaans lmao

T9 texting fail…thanks Miigwaans lmao

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Zoom Christopher Walken @ Adrenaline on Queen St.

Christopher Walken @ Adrenaline on Queen St.

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